Earning Support

The more priority you place on your relationships, the more advocates you will have to obtain success.

Past Failures

Establish priorities that will mitigate the chances you repeat your past failures.

Are your priorities valid?

Always have a reason for the priorities you have established in your life. If there is no heartfelt reason, you will not commit to the effort required for success.

Wish or Priority?

Priorities should not deal with your wishes, they should deal with your commitments.

Hoping or Acting

Priorities that require no action on your part are merely a hope that things turn out for your benefit.

Uncontrollable Priorities

If you establish a priority that depends on the actions of other people, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Top Priority

A priority is something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives. In other words, your top priority is what is most important to you. Your top priority each day will be proven by your actions, thoughts, and conversations.