About Us

Mission Statement

Equipping people to live a victorious life with peace and purpose through all situations and circumstances.


A world where men and women can visualize, acknowledge and experience their purpose and value as they learn to live a life of victory.


Life Priorities is a non-profit organization formed in 2020. The organization was formed with the purpose of equipping people through social media, speaking engagements and private counsel, to live a victorious life filled with meaning and purpose, regardless of the situations and circumstances that they may face. When people understand that their daily priorities should always support their life priorities, it will be possible to gain control of what truly defines them and begin establishing the legacy by which they will be remembered. When priorities are listed, verified, and ranked, it becomes possible to focus on what truly matters each day and to minimize the focus on uncontrollable situations and circumstances. Our goal is to see all people enjoying a life filled with meaning, purpose and joy.

Our Values

We will be above reproach in our character and ethics.

We will conduct all business in truth, openness and transparency.

We will maintain accountability for our actions, presentations and finances.

We will treat all people groups, communities, and cultures with total respect.

We will maintain positive and joyful attitudes in all interactions.

We will be creative and resourceful as our target groups expand.

Who We Are

Life Priorities was formed by four men who strive to keep God as the number one priority in every area of their lives. These men have 135 combined years of workforce experience and understand the challenges faced by those who desire to stand for Christ in the secular workforce. The fields of experience include: 40 years in the power industry; 40 years in industrial inspection & compliance; 20 years working with people with disabilities; and 35 years in the chemical industry. Their positions have ranged from entry level technician to business owner. Community involvement has included rescue missions, school board, youth sports, fostering and adoption. The group also is experienced in ministry in the areas of teaching, preaching, foreign and local missions, youth groups, men’s groups, church committees and boards. Their desire to see people of all ages understand their worth and maintain joy through all situations and circumstances.

Why Priorities?

Priorities are a means to develop a person so that he or she is established to attain the goals they have set for themselves. Personal priorities define the heart of an individual and will receive more focus and efforts than competing alternatives. When established priorities become a way of life, a person can be successful regardless of their situations or circumstances.

Ministry Focus Areas

A person’s life will not seem meaningful, worthy, valuable, peaceful or purposeful without the presence of God. God, being the Creator of all things, has designed us in His image, and our relationship with Him will determine the attitude by which we live. The closer we draw to God, the more content we will be as we seek to please Him in every area of our lives.
Employees who have a positive direction and purpose in their personal lives will always be a greater asset to their employers and a positive influence on their co-workers. Employees are the greatest asset of a business; therefore, the business will benefit when the employees have their personal priorities in order.
People involved in community service are focused on benefitting others and have an opportunity to greatly influence the lives of others. The influence extended to others is an extension of oneself and it is important that people who serve others have peace, meaning and purpose in their personal life. When the priorities of the people who are involved in the community group are in order, it will be possible for them to focus on the needs of those whom they are serving.

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use the contact form to reach us or call us direct! We are so very glad you visited our website and look forward to working with you.

book us now!

use the contact form to reach us or call us direct! We are so very glad you visited our website and look forward to working with you.